PayPal Payments

Buyer & Seller Protection!

Paying for Items using PayPal

To Purchase Items please Email or Text the Seller from the App by clicking on the 'Click to Email' button or click the Phone Number to Text Direct.

PayPal is the most Secure Payment Method without giving out any Card Details.

Buyer & Seller Payment Protection included for most items.

Only the Items in Blue below are not covered.

Once you have agreed a Price with the Seller & any Postage or Courier Costs, click on the PayPal link below or go to the PayPal website or App.

How to Pay

1. Simply go to PayPal on your Phone, Tablet or Computer.

2. Click 'Send', on the next screen, you can then enter the Sellers User ID (Name, Email Address or Mobile Number).

3. Enter the amount you are sending along with a message on the same screen giving the Item Name/Description.

4. Click Goods & Services.

5 Check the details, then click Send.

Once the Seller receives your Funds they will despatch your Items.


All items are covered apart from the items in Blue below.

If collecting an item you can still pay with the buyer protection.

If you collect an item in person & are happy with it, you can pay cash, bank transfer or direct payment to the sellers bank account.

Please be wary of items that seem too good to be true, the marketplace is full of scammers, never give you bank account details, bank card details or passwords to anyone under any circumstances.

'USellEasy' will never ask you to pay any monies direct to them, all purchases will be via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The only things that are not cover by the PayPal Payment Protection are as follows: Real Estate, Motorised Vehicles & Industrial Machinery, Custom-made Goods that are significantly not as described, Stored Value Items such as Gift Cards & Pre-Paid Cards, Items that violate our policies, Anything Bought in Person & not over the Internet, Send Money Transactions to Friends & Family, Disputes Filed more than 180 days after the purchase for items not received & significantly not as described claims, Items that have sustained normal wear & tear & items that were accurately described by the seller.

Thanks for using 'UsellEasy'

Happy Buying & Selling