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Sellers Register your Shop on the App

1. Download The App for Free.

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2. Register your Shop for Free.

3. Confirm your Email Address.

4. Now go to your Dashboard - My Shop Items - Click + Add Items.

5. Take, Add, Edit & Crop Photos Easily in App

6. Easy Add Promotional Templates in App.

7. Easily Promote your Shop in 3 Easy Steps.

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Any Sellers that do not want their Address showing on the App, when registering just put in your City or Area in the Address Field.

Your Items will still get found on the For Sale List but your Shop will not get found on The Shop Map.

 You can add or change your Address at anytime in your Profile to show your Location.

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1. Download The App for Free - No Registration Required.

(Scan QR Code or click on Apple or Android Logo).

2. Click Browse & Buy.

3. If looking for a particular Shop, type in the Shop Name on the Shop Map.

Otherwise Search for Shops on the Map or Items on the For Sale List.

Filter Items by Type, Price, Delivery & Location etc.

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Happy Buying & Selling!