Useful Tips

Useful Shop Tips

  1. Exclusive to the 'USellEasy App' we offer a Pin Protected Private Shop Plan, great for Private Networks with users or staff who want a private pin protected selling network - List up to 500 Items.

  2. Give your Shop Name & the App Name 'USellEasy' to your potential customers when Marketing your Shop. Customers can then find your Shop in Seconds with the 'Search Shop Name' feature on the Shop Map, much easier than a Google Search! (Get in quick to secure your Shop Name).

  3. Add your website address when you register, users can then click through from your Shop Dashboard to your website. You can do this after you register by going to Menu - Profile - add your web address - click Save Profile, this will update your web address. If you don't have a web address the 'USellEasy App' is the perfect selling platform for you, simple & quick to use.

  4. Make sure you have added your full address including street name & number, this will ensure that your Shop will get found correctly on the Shop Map. (If you need to change it follow the steps on No.3 above in your profile). If you don't want your Address to be shown on the App, add your Area or City name in the Address field, your items will still appear on the For Sale List.

  5. Use the best keywords & description to describe your item(s).

  6. Choose the best category that describes your item(s).

  7. Add up to 9 photographs with ready made promotional templates direct from your mobile, edit & crop in App.

  8. Easy to use 'Quick Upload' Feature for users wanting to add Multi Images Quickly.

  9. Add & Delete items in seconds.

  10. Add Items Wanted to your Shop Dashboard.

  11. Users can click on your address on your Shop Dashboard to take them direct to maps for directions to your Shop.

  12. Users can click on your mobile number on your Shop Dashboard to take them to a text message direct to you.

  13. Users can click on your email address on your Shop Dashboard where they can email you direct.

Thanks for using 'USellEasy'

Happy Buying & Selling